• 4-Pack Oh So Soft/Modal | Mid-Rise | Black
  • 4-Pack Oh So Soft/Modal | Mid-Rise | Black
  • 4-Pack Oh So Soft/Modal | Mid-Rise | Black
  • 4-Pack Oh So Soft/Modal | Mid-Rise | Black
  • 4-Pack Oh So Soft/Modal | Mid-Rise | Black
  • 4-Pack Oh So Soft/Modal | Mid-Rise | Black

4-Pack Oh So Soft

Modal | Mid-Rise | Black

Does your flow fluctuate from minimal to extremely heavy?This 4-pack can handle it all! Steer clear of leaks and rashes during your cycle with our versatile range of absorbency levels.Pack...

  • (1) Medium + (2) Heavy + (1) Super Heavy
  • (1) Medium + (2) Heavy + (1) Super Heavy
  • (1) Medium + (2) Heavy + (1) Super Heavy
  • (1) Medium + (2) Heavy + (1) Super Heavy

(1) Medium + (2) Heavy + (1) Super Heavy

Estimates derived from the average pricing and absorbencies of the most popularly used disposable period products in India.


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Style & Fit
Snug fit with an intimate gusset.; 4-way stretch for varied body shapes.; Body made of 93% Micro Modal, 7% Mobilon.; Bonded seamless finish on the waistband.
Wash thoroughly before first use.; Rinse in cold running water.; Gently squeeze to remove excess blood.; Toss in the washing machine or hand-wash.; Hang the underwear to air dry.
  • Opened packages for intimate wear cannot be returned or exchanged for hygiene reasons.
  • We only accept returns or exchanges for unopened packages if the incorrect colour, size, or style was sent.
  • For manufacturing issues or other queries, please contact +91-9205995271 or care@mahina.co.
  • Please read the full terms and conditions of our Return & Exchange policy here.

Don't take our word for it.

Meet India’s 1st Bonded Period Underwear

A thoughtfully designed menstrual solution, Mahina is engineered to keep you safe, comfy and free from leaks.

  • Leak-Proof Gusset With Bonded Seams
  • Elongated Gusset For Extended Protection
  • No Pads Or Disposables
  • Wear Comfortably Up To 12 Hours
  • 3 Highly
    Absorbent Layers
  • Made For Diverse Fits & Flows

The Science Behind Our Gusset Technology


Wash & Care Guide

Wash before first use. Certified to ensure safety, hygiene and no microbial contamination.

Kind To Your Body. Kind To The Planet.

It’s about bloody time you got a menstrual solution that's friendlier to your health, skin and environment.

  • Safety & Hygiene
  • Fresh & Dry Feel
  • 12 Hours Protection
  • Up To 100 Washes
  • Hazardous Toxins
  • Heavy & Soggy Feel
  • Harmful Fragrances
  • Single Use & Throw

A Promise of Quality

Customer Reviews

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  • Mahina’s period underwear wicks moisture, absorbs liquid and keeps you dry for up to 12 hours! It is a kinder alternative to single-use disposables, featuring a highly absorbent, 3-layer gusset with bonded seams for leak-proof period protection.
  • Absolutely! Mahina's period underwear is engineered to be reliable and leak-proof without the need to use or layer with any pads, tampons or cups.
  • Our period underwear is made to absorb liquids and manage blood clots similar to pads - absorbing the wetness and moisture surrounding semi-solid clots, making them easy to wipe away with a tissue.
  • Mahina’s period underwear comes in 4 different absorption levels - light (10ml), medium (25ml), heavy (40ml) and super heavy (50ml). Depending on the lightness or heaviness of your flow, the right absorbency can be worn uninterrupted for up to 12 hours.
  • Mahina’s period underwear has been rigorously tested and developed for over 2.5 years to have 3 key features that provide secure, leak-proof protection: 
  1. 3 highly absorbent layers that swiftly lock in liquid.
  2. Advanced heat and pressure bonding at the seams to avoid leakage.
  3. Elongated intimate gusset for extended front to back protection.
  • Yes, Mahina's period underwear is batch-tested at our factory daily to ensure durability and hygiene up to 100 washes, which amounts to approximately 2 years of reuse.

‘Gusset’ is a panel of fabric sewn from the crotch to the buttocks section of your undies to provide reinforcement and breathability. Our gusset is specially engineered to be elongated front-to-back, highly absorbent and sealed with bonding technology for leak-proof comfort during your period.

  • Yes! Mahina’s period underwear is expertly crafted to handle heavy flows. Our Heavy (40 ml) and Super Heavy (50ml) absorbencies can replace 4-5 pads for up to 12 hours! Refer to our use guide.
  • Wear Mahina's period underwear just like a regular pair of undies. You do not need to club it with pads, tampons or other alternatives. 
  • Mahina's period underwear features a highly absorbent intimate gusset, which is sealed at the seams with heat & pressure bonding to secure leak-proof protection. Layer 1 of the gusset quickly wicks away moisture. The 2nd layer, or the inner-core, is made of super-absorbent and liquid-locking material. The breathable 3rd layer ensures that there is no seepage of liquid on the outside.
  • Bonding is the application of heat and pressure to seal the edges of our absorbent gusset to lock in liquid. Mahina is the 1st brand in India to use this world-class apparel technology, ensuring leak-proof and reliable period protection. Other brands have regular seams on their gusset, which invites seepage of liquids through the minute needle holes made during machine stitching.
  • At Mahina, we use natural, skin friendly, and hypoallergenic fabrics to avoid any occurrence of irritation or rashes. Our period underwear is also regularly tested to ensure safety, hygiene and no microbial contamination.
  • Designed for comfort and breathability, our 3-layer absorbent gusset is thin and lightweight. It is engineered to not be bulky like a pad and remain discreet even under sheer clothing.

No, it is designed to wick away moisture swiftly, leaving you fresh and dry for up to 12 hours.

  • You can opt for our light or medium absorbencies to better manage spotting, discharge or minor bladder leaks. It is also a great backup for those who get irregular periods at unexpected times.
  • Absolutely! Our up to 12 hour wear time ensures that you get peaceful, uninterrupted sleep all night long.
  • Our ultra-stretchable, leak-proof underwear can be easily worn postpartum to manage any type of leaks or bleeding that needs absorbency capacities up to 50 ml.
  • Its reliability, steadiness and flexibility make it an ideal choice for those who would like to stay active on their period and engage in mild to moderate physical exercise. The 4-way stretch of our fabrics also ensures ease of motion and increased agility.
  • No, our period underwear is currently not designed to be worn underwater.
  • Absolutely! Designed to keep your intimates safe, fresh and dry for up to 12 hours, our absorbent underwear is ideal for such a climate. We recommend replacing panty-liners with our light absorbency level for comfort and breathability.

You can wash Mahina’s period underwear in 4 easy steps: 

  1. Rinse the used period underwear under cold, running water. Do not scrub.
  2. Squeeze gently to remove any excess blood. Do not wring.
  3. Toss the rinsed undies into the washing machine for a gentle spin. Do not use any fabric softeners or bleach.
  4. Hang washed underwear to air dry naturally. Do not tumble dry.

Yes, please wash the underwear before first use for hygiene purposes.

Unlike pads or tampons, our non-toxic period underwear securely contains your blood without altering its natural state and consistency, making it easy to rinse and wash off. We undergo rigorous testing to guarantee cleanliness, no microbial contamination, and safety for reuse after proper washing.

Our period underwear is batch-tested every day to ensure its durability up to 100 washes.

Our period underwear regularly undergoes microbiology tests to ensure there is no harmful collection of germs, bacteria or any other kind of microbial contamination post following the proper wash and care instructions.

Yes, we test almost every aspect of our period underwear from the dye in the fabrics to the leak-proof capabilities to durability up to 100 washes. Our tests are done by certified laboratories that are nationally and internationally recognised. You can check out our tests done by internal and external labs here.

Yes, we run toxicology tests every quarter and microbiological tests every year to ensure the safety and hygiene of our period underwear. View our test certificates here.

Yes, we run toxicology tests every quarter on our period underwear. View our test certificates here.

Our period underwear is batch-tested daily at our in-house manufacturing unit to ensure overall durability up to 100 washes, test its leak-proof capabilities under pressure, and verify the peel strength of bonded seams. View our test certificates here.

Apart from COD, we have free shipping pan-India. In case you have opted for cash on delivery, a nominal shipping charge of ₹30 will be applied to your order.

No, we only ship pan-India currently. Please write to us at care@mahina.co for special exceptions on bulk orders.

Once you’ve placed your order, it will be delivered to your doorstep within 3-7 business days.

We do not accept returns or exchanges of any opened packages whatsoever for hygienic reasons, as period underwear is an intimate care product. In case of manufacturing defects, unopened packages, wrong product/size/style/colour sent, or any other queries, please contact +91-9205995271 or write to us at care@mahina.co. Please read the full terms and conditions of our Return & Exchange policy here.

Yes - in the case of COD, a nominal shipping charge of ₹30 will be applied to your order.