Making the shift towards sustainable menstruation isn't just a trend—it's an urgent call to action.  By reimagining our periods through eco-conscious choices, we embark on a collective journey towards a future where every flow becomes a force for positive change. And we, at Mahina, are always pleased to see menstruators making a conscious and meaningful shift towards sustainable menstruation. 

Did you know that around 12.3 billion pads end up in landfills every year? This can neither be good for our period health nor for the earth. So, we’re all in to help you take all the necessary steps towards a more conscious, sustainable, and earth-friendly period every time you bleed.


Make a conscious switch to sustainable menstrual products

Disposable menstrual hygiene products are insufficient and outdated. They’re toxic for your body and also pollute the environment to a great extent. We deserve better! That’s why we want you to take active steps towards switching to organic and earth-friendly period products like our period underwear. It’s reusable, washable and made out of biodegradable materials. Trust us, these alternatives to pads and tampons actually work—they’re leak-proof and effective too.


Menstrual waste disposal is key to sustainable menstruation

Our period underwear can be used for up to 100 washes, which makes it so much more efficient than single-use products! If you’re in a transition phase or still not ready to make the switch, be conscious of how you dispose of your period waste. Use only designated bins to throw away your single-use period products. In any case, always follow local waste management guidelines when disposing.


Constantly seek more awareness and advocate sustainability

The only way towards a more planet-friendly future is by empowering and educating menstruators to make better choices for themselves and for the earth. It’s always a good idea to read and research a lot about your menstrual products and sustainable menstruation. Always advocate for the products and practices you trust for yourself and the environment.

The bottom line is that you can significantly contribute towards a better future by taking the tiniest steps towards sustainable menstruation. At Mahina, we believe these steps make the greatest impact. While the first step may be to reject single-use period products, we also strongly believe in advocating for better menstruation for everyone. We want period products to be accessible to those who still can’t access them. We want menstruators to be able to bleed with dignity—that to us is a crucial step towards a more earth-friendly period as well.