Our Story

The Beginning Of A New Mahina

In 2021, our founder, Natasha Jamal, embarked on a mission to offer a period solution that would disrupt the industry and we’ve spent the last two years engineering, designing and testing a product that’s utterly fantastic and completely revolutionary—Mahina. A period solution that is not only gentle on the skin but is scientifically made to ensure it’s leak-proof, planet-friendly, and easy to maintain, Mahina is the solution you’ve been searching for.

The Revolution

We want to revolutionise the menstrual hygiene industry, period! It is time to move away from substandard period solutions that are toxic for our bodies, and the planet. We are now ushering in an era where every individual with periods should have access to healthy and effective period products.

Enter Mahina—a period solution that hugs your body in a warm embrace. We have options for every flow, we offer superior design, state-of-the-art technology and materials, a fabulous team that continuously tests and researches each product, and finally, we are a community of avid storytellers! Our product is comforting, skin-friendly, machine-washable, and so practical; it is also reusable for up to 100 washes, so it is good for the planet. The best thing: it’s just like your regular underwear—it holds you secure, is soft to touch, and helps you forget that you are on your period.

Giving Back

We ran a research project on the state of menstrual health in India in 2020 and were horrified by the results, to say the least. Most women in India still don’t have access to good period solutions, a reality that causes them to resort to unhygienic products that do more harm than good. That’s why we pledged to keep aside 10 percent of our total revenue towards efforts that aim to alleviate period poverty in our country. With Mahina, you are not just finding a period solution for you, but also for the rest of the country.

So, welcome to Mahina’s world, where comfort, confidence, and strength come together to create a new standard of period well-being for all. It’s time to enter a period of comfort.