How to choose the right period underwear for each day of your period.

Periods = Stress. No more, please! With Mahina’s period underwear, you can now remove the anxiety around your period. Its super absorbent gusset and bonded sides ensure that you don’t have to worry about leakage, EVER again! Innovative design. Skin-friendly fabrics like cotton and modal. Wide range of options. We have it all! Mahina caters to all your flow needs for each day of your period. You only need to check the indicative stitch mark on the side.

Confused? Fret not. Below is an all-encompassing guide that’ll help you choose the right period underwear for different flow intensities.


In A State Of Soak: Understand Absorbency

It’s as easy as it gets: the heavier the flow, the more absorbent your period underwear needs to be. Assessing your flow intensity will help you select the right absorbency level. While every single Mahina underwear is super absorbent, we have conceptualised them in a way that there’s one underwear for every phase of your period.

So, one of the most important factors to consider when choosing your period underwear is the level of absorbency. Mahina has designed period underwear to cater to light, medium, heavy, and super heavy flows. For light flow, opt for an underwear with light absorbency, that’s marked by the single horizontal stitch on the sides of your Mahina period underwear. Our medium absorbency underwear is ideal for average flow days, marked by two stitches. And for those heavy and super heavy days, opt for our high absorbency variants that offer enhanced leak protection, marked by three and four stitches respectively.


Size Matters

And we're here to help you find the right one! A well-fitted pair of period underwear should offer a snug fit without feeling too tight. Choosing the right size for your period underwear can ensure an easier, fuss-free and leak-free experience. We, at Mahina, offer a wide range of sizes, so that you can find the perfect fit for your body type. All you need to do is refer to our size chart to understand and select your precise size confidently. You can also opt for a virtual consultation with our experts to ensure you find the perfect fit. With a perfect fit in tow, we’re sure that your next period will be an anxiety-free experience with no leakages and maximum comfort.


Factor Everything In

Our period underwear also comes in all shapes and sizes. From boy shorts to lace panties, there’s a style for every day. Based on the level of activity, you can choose the amount of coverage you need. Boy shorts are often the most comfortable during heavier flow days. On the other hand, our regular period underwear and lace panties are also very absorbent. Just look at the stitch to choose the perfect underwear for your flow.

All in all, we’d recommend you choose heavy-flow period underwear during the initial days of your period and wear medium-flow or low-flow underwear during the rest of your period. In fact, low-flow underwear is great for everyday use, whether you’re on your period or not.


So, go ahead, start stocking up!